COP 28: Global Catholic Letter on Climate Change

At COP 28, IYCS, alongside other catholic actors, hosted a side event titled “The Global Catholic Letter on Climate Change to the COP28 Presidency.” This event featured discussions on integral ecology and the urgent need for bold decisions from governments. Speakers like Lindlyn Moma, Jean Quinn, Lorna Gold, Tzeporah Berman, Roy Ibrahim, and Julia DeVoy shared insights and recommendations on disinvestment, inclusivity, climate finance, women empowerment, and responsible consumer choices. IYCS actively engaged with the Holy See and Dicasteries, reinforcing Laudato Si’s principles in global discussions. Our participation demonstrated a holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges rooted in Catholic values and stewardship.

These events underline our commitment to influencing global environmental dialogues and advocating for integral ecology and sustainable development. Please stay connected with IYCS for updates on our impactful initiatives and collaborations.

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