Launch of the Human Fraternity Initiative

On July 30, 2022, the International Young Catholic Students officially launched its Human Fraternity Project to promote world peace and living together. The IYCS had developed this initiative to mobilize the younger generation in the human fraternity for world peace and living together, which aligned with our plan of action for 2020-2024 goal 2.3 on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together. In his address at the end of the General Audience on February 2, 2022, Pope Francis emphasized the need for concrete steps towards human fraternity and peace with the believers of other religions and people of goodwill. Our initiative aimed to train and promote interfaith dialogue among young people in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in light of the growing religious tension, discrimination, and conflicts in many parts of the world. Interfaith Dialogue is our way to build trust and counter-violence committed in the disguise of religion.

During the official launch, keynote addresses were given on different thematic topics to enlighten the young Catholic student leaders about the importance of human fraternity and its call for coexistence with people of other religions for peace and cooperation. Dr. Nayla Tabbarach spoke on the background and development of the Al-Azhar Declaration, and Dr. Kevin Ahern addressed the theological aspect of the Human Fraternity Document and the background and development of Fratelli Tutti. From the Muslim perspective, Sheik Mohamend Al-Noqari discussed the human fraternity document from the perspective of the Qoran.

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