CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVES AT COP (COP 27: Climate and Biodiversity Justice from the Faith Perspective)

These initiatives reflect a commitment to advocating for environmental sustainability, community engagement, and the principles outlined in Laudato Si, thus contributing to a global movement for positive change.

COP 27: Climate and Biodiversity Justice from the Faith Perspective

In Egypt, IYCS, alongside other Catholic actors, organized a side event on November 17, 2022 during which we assessed the COP 27 negotiations from a faith perspective, aligning with Catholic Social Teaching on climate justice. The event addressed critical issues like loss & damage, just transition, gender justice, human rights, and economics. A Catholic Climate Justice Statement was crafted, highlighting concerns and hopes. Through our representative, Ms. Prisca Koffi, we emphasized the youth’s climate anxiety and proposed recommendations, urging financial support for affected young people.

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