IYCS Middle East Regional Dialogue & Training

The IYCS Middle East Regional Dialogue & Training, held from August 23 to 25, 2022, aimed to promote fraternity, peaceful coexistence, tolerance, and respect for religious diversity among younger generations in the Middle East. During the event, participants discussed challenges faced by youth in conflict-affected areas and explored strategies for fostering tolerance and ending discrimination based on religion or belief. They drew inspiration from key documents such as the Human Fraternity Document, Al-Azhar Declaration, and Fratelli Tutti.

Additionally, the event addressed the impact of social media, migration, and technological advancements on youth perspectives in the region, using the Human Fraternity Document as a reference point. The training session focused on addressing psychological aspects, filtering misconceptions, and overcoming abuses faced by youth in diverse societies. Specialists from various backgrounds and local associations shared their expertise, aiming to empower Middle Eastern youth to spread awareness, understanding, and a mentality of coexistence within their communities and countries.

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