who we are

The International Young Catholic Student (IYCS) is a Catholic action movement of the apostolate of Laity. It is traditionally an evangelisation agent in schools and student milieu (secondary and higher education). 

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what we do

The International Young Catholic Students (IYCS), also known as Young Christian Students, has its roots in the development of several YCS National Movements in the late 1920’s, which grew

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where we are

IYCS have offices in over a hundred destinations around the world. Please use the map below to explore these locations. You can click on the markers for details. You can also drag the map to see hidden

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International Young Catholic Students

As a movement of Catholic action, IYCS aims to be Apostolic, the evangelization and sanctification of men and the formation of a Christian conscience among them.

so that they can infuse the spirit of the Gospel into various communities and departments of life. (Council Vat; Decree on the apostolate of the Laity, no. 20). Thus, IYCS aims to transform the student milieu in the light of the Gospel. It has a preferential option for the poor and the oppressed. It educates and trains students to work for solidarity, freedom, justice and peace in the world.


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