What We Do

The International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) Movement, also known as Young Christian Students, is a Catholic Action Movement of the Apostolate of Laity. Traditionally, IYCS is an evangelization agent in schools and student milieu (secondary schools and higher education). However, with our world facing unprecedented challenges to global peace, security and development like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change crisis among others, IYCS has evolved to guide Young Catholic Students to become architects and agents of positive social change, following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, and bearing witness to the Gospel Values of Love, Sharing, Caring, Social Friendship and Solidarity.

IYCS is also a Movement of Children and Young People, each with the reality of his or her own life. In today’s rapidly changing world, many of these children and young people’s lives are exposed to suffering and manipulation. IYCS is therefore offering a platform through which the needs of Young Catholic Students can be addressed, their voice can be amplified, and their engagement can be advanced.

Our main focus is:

  •  To evangelize the student milieu and promote the student apostolate among students, at both secondary and tertiary levels, by responding to their needs and by stressing their responsibility in all the aspects of their lives (school, university, family, etc) in the Church’s mission and in the world;
  •  To bring together students seeking community, formation and action, in the framework of the Catholic Church, at the local, national, continental and global levels;
  •  To promote global solidarity for a peaceful, just and sustainable world;
  •  To give students resources, pedagogies and methodologies to help them integrate their Christian faith in their lives at all levels and in their efforts to build a more just society; and
  •  To be a voice for the student members by representing them in regional and international forums.