Shao-Chieh HSU

Shao-Chieh HSU also known as Jessica from hails from Taiwan and has been a member of YCS
Taiwan for quite a while. In 2007, she participated in the YCS Summer Camp held in Taiwan
where got captivated and endeared to the Movement. In the YCS Movement she found the need
bond and build positive team spirit, working and learning to live together. This helped her to
discover that being young is a very powerful moment and opportunity to serve and transform her
society. Her testimony “After participating in the camp, my life has changed a lot. I started to
learn to serve others. In the process, YCS continued to accompany me through many good and
bad times, and in this, let me have Opportunity to learn how to use Jesus Christ to guide my
ethics and values, to see and solve things.”
The process of studying and serving in YCS has also affected her academic career choice. She
chose to explore more the faith, this is why she had selected a. Bachelors Program in Catholic
Studies at the university to enhance her capacity to serve the YCS better but more so to increase
her understanding of the church's vast knowledge.
In 2017 at the IYCS Asia Extra-ordinary Session and Council in Antipolo City, Manila,
Philippines, she was elected as a member of the IYCS Asia Interim Coordination team
representing East Asia. She served on the interim team for a year, during which she worked
assiduously to organize the 13th IYCS Asia Session and Council offering her the opportunity
explore the dynamics of the movement at the regional level hence offering herself to continue to
serve the movement.
In August 2018 at the 13th IYCS Asian Session and Council in 2018 held in Taichung, Taiwan,
Miss Jessica was elected a one of the two regional coordinators for IYCS Asia for the mandate of
2018 – 2021 having committed to serving the movement with her full strength and the grace of
The International Team is pleased to welcome Miss Shao-Chieh HSU aka Jessica