Jimmy Pdang

Jimmy Pdang from India; currently a student of Law Department in the North Eastern Hill
University, India. He first encountered the YCS through the YCS/YSM Movement in his
secondary; St Francis D’ Assisi Secondary School, Mawkasiang, Shillong, India. In 2011, as
young high school student, Jimmy attended his first ever IYCS World Council which was held in
Delhi, India in 2011. The Council marked the turning point in his journey as a member of YCS.
In Jimmy’s word, “YCS has provided me a platform of living a new life and become a new
person who can bring happiness and joy to others, a platform where I knew what is good and
bad, right and wrong and to take decisions in my life. Most importantly, it has served as a way
and direction for me to live with moral values and values that Jesus Christ taught us. Apart from
this it has improved my leadership skills, communication skills which are also of great
importance as a leader.”
At the 16 th National Council of YCS/YSM India held in 2013, Jimmy was elected National
President of the Movement in India; a position he held until 2016.
In March 2017, at the Extra-ordinary Session and Council of IYCS Asia held at Antipolo City,
Manila, Philippines, he was among 4 other young students leaders elected to serve on the Interim
Coordination Team of IYCS Asia representing the South Asia Region and had closely with
others to prepare the 13 th Asian Session and Council held in Taiwan.
Understanding the Situation of IYCS Asia and the need for committed leaders who stir the
coordination to the next level, Jimmy accepted the call to serve despite the many challenges that
might come with serving in such a position and was elected by the council as Asian Coordinator
for 2018 – 2021.
He has committed to work hard with passion and perseverance in serving the movement
believing God accompany him and his colleague in this journey.
Jimmy believes he can bring and transform many young students like him in the YCS through
the Review of Life; See-Judge and Act, with the Strength and trust that he has in God.
All of us in the IYCS International Team wish him a successful mandate