Organization Structure

The World Council is the supreme decision-making body of the International Young Catholic Students. It meets in an ordinary session every four (4) years at a date and venue to be determined by the International Team. The World Council is composed of Student Representatives from National Movements, all members of the International Team, collaborator and contact movements, chaplains, adult animators/assistants and invited guests as observers. The quorum of the IYCS World Council is 51% of member movements with the right to vote either present or represented. Two-thirds majority of voting members are required to pass statutory related decisions/resolutions. 


The World Council is Chaired by a Presidium composed of the Secretary General and two delegates from the National Movements (Member or Collaborator Movements) who are chosen at the start of the World Council Sessions in order to ensure the practical organization of all the meetings.


The IYCS World Council decides on the affiliation or disaffiliation of member movements; amends and votes the statutes and rules of procedure; discusses and approves the activity and audited financial reports of the International  Team; adopts a strategic framework  and plan of action for the following four years; fixes the level of membership fees; elects the Secretary General and Programme Coordinator; and ratifies the election by each Regional Committee/Council of one National Movement per region  as a member of the International Committee and  the Regional Coordinators elected by each Regional Committee/Council as  members of the International Team.


The International Committee, International Commissions, International Advisory Board and the International Team are the subsidiary organs of IYCS with their composition and functions stipulated in the IYCS Statutes.

Below is the pictorial organizational structure: