International Secretariat

IYCS International Secretariat

The IYCS International Secretariat is led by the Secretary General who is elected by the World Council and is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) Movement. The IYCS International Secretariat is based in Paris, France. For enquiries, please email

IYCS International Secretariat Staff


Innocent Odongo
Secretary General

Roy Ibrahim
Programme Coordinator

Rev. Fr. Achille D’Almeida
IYCS International Chaplain

Moses Micheal Engadu
IYCS Special Envoy for Sustainable Development



Functions of the IYCS International Secretariat

The IYCS International Secretariat draws its functions from the IYCS Statutes and these include:

  1. It provides services for the promotion of YCS Movement throughout the world.
  2. It maintains relations with National YCS Movements and Regional Coordinations helps them develop the Movement in their countries and regions.
  3. It supports the organization of World and Regional Events.
  4. It promotes the development of the YCS Movement in countries where it does not exist.
  5. It maintains relations with the United Nations and Organizations whose activities are concerned with children and youth.
  6. It assists the World Council, the International Committee, International Commissions, International Team, International Advisory Board, Regional Councils and Regional Committees and their subsidiary bodies in the fulfillment of their functions.

Regional Coordination Secretariats

The following Regional Coordinations/Secretariats work in close cooperation with the International Secretariat and act individually and collectively for growth and development of the International YCS Movement and it’s orientations.

  1. Africa Regional Coordination/Secretariat – Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Asia Regional Coordination/Secretariat – Manilla, Philippines
  3. Europe Regional Coordination/Secretariat – Paris, France
  4. Latin America Regional Coordination/Secretariat – Santiago, Chile
  5. Middle East and North Africa Regional Coordination/Secretariat – Cairo, Egypt

Secretary General

The Secretary General is elected by the World Council for a mandate of four years. This can be renewed for one more mandate if the person fulfills the rules of procedure for candidatures of International Team Members based in the International Secretariat. The Secretary General is the main spokesperson of the International YCS and is the main face of the Movement for all internal and external relations. The Secretary General coordinates representation to the Holy See, United Nations bodies and agencies, and other International Organizations. He/She presides at the sessions of the World Council, carries out the work that the World Council, International Committee and International Team might entrust to them and is a Member Ex-officio of all Committees and Commissions.