International Committee

The IYCS International Committee 2020 – 2023

The International Committee  is the main decision-making body of the International Young Catholic Students between the World Councils. It meets at least once a year (besides the year of the World Council) and more often if necessary, if the majority of its members, consulted in writing, agree. 



1. National Movement Representatives:

  • Africa: Kenya, represented by Parick Nzomo; Nationality: Kenyan
  • Asia: Indonesia, represented by Jonathan Reyner Nationality: Indonesian
  • Europe: Germany, represented by Jonathan Pagel; Nationality: German
  • Latin America: Peru, represented by Ms. Karin Idrogo; Nationality: Peru
  • Middle East: Syrian Arab Republic, represented by Mr. Emad Shaker; Nationality: Syrian
  • North America: elections to be conducted
  • Pacific/Oceania: Australia, represented by Mr. Brian Lawrence; Nationality: Australian

2. International Team:

  • Secretary General: Mr. Innocent Odongo; Nationality: Ugandan
  • Programme Coordinator: Mr. Roy Ibrahim; Nationality: Lebanese
  • International Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Achille D’Almeida; Nationality: Togolese
  • Africa: Regional Coordinators; Mr. Benson Tafara Makusha; Nationality: Zimbabwean and Ms. Prisca Koffi; Nationality: Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast); and Regional Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Anthony Mukunde; Nationality: Tanzanian
  • Asia: Regional Coordinator: Ms. Shao-Chieh Hsu; Nationality: Taiwanese; and Regional Chaplain: Fr. Jacob Anil D’sa; Nationality: Indian
  • Europe: Regional Coordinator: Ms. Eirini Freri; Nationality: Greek; and Regional Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Sergio Fenech; Nationality: Maltese
  • Latin America: Regional Coordinator: Ms. Karin Idrogo; Nationality: Peru and Regional Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Angel Saboya Cachique; Nationality: Peru
  • Middle East: Regional Coordinator: Ms. Sara Hany Wadie Fahim; Nationality: Egyptian; and Regional Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Joseph Salloum; Nationality: Lebanese
  • North America: Regional Coordinator: to be elected; and Regional Chaplain: to be elected
  • Pacific/Oceania: Regional Coordinator: to be elected; and Regional Chaplain: to be elected


  1. National Movement Representatives elected by the Regional Councils and ratified by the World Council for a four (4) year term.
  2. The Secretary General and Programme Coordinator are elected by the World Council for a four (4) year term, renewable once.
  3. The International Chaplain is elected by the IYCS International Committee for a four (4) year term, renewable once.
  4. Regional Coordinators are elected by Regional Councils and ratified by the World Council for a one 1 to four (4) year term depending on the region, renewable.
  5. Regional Chaplains are nominated by the Regional Councils and ratified by the International Chaplain for a four (4) year term, renewable.

Composition, Voting Rights and Functions

The IYCS International Committee is comprised of the International Team (Secretary General, Programme Coordinator, International Team, all full-time Regional Coordinators and one Coordinator from each region with only part-time or volunteer coordinators); the representatives of one elected National Movement from each region, ratified by the World Council and Regional Chaplains on a rotational basis as resources permit.


Each member of the International Committee (except the International Chaplain and if present, the Regional Chaplain, or any other observer) has a right to one vote. A National Movement representative, elected by those present, presides over the sessions of the International Committee, assisted by the Secretary General. 


The International Committee ensures that the decisions and plan of action of the World Council are carried out; does an evaluation of the whole movement; monitors and decides on the roles and work of all International Team Members; sets up the commissions judged necessary for the successful working of the International Young Catholic Students, takes decisions on their proposals and receives their reports; takes all decisions necessary for the promotion of the work of the International Young Catholic Students; approves the annual budget and ensure financial management; decides on granting of collaborator status to those requesting it and elects the International Chaplain after consulting all national movements, preferably 6 months prior to the World Council. The International Committee may also make decisions through written communication.