International Commissions

IYCS International Commissions


The 16th IYCS World Council 2019 held in Abuja, Nigeria elected the following members to the International Commissions:

# Commission Elected Member Movement Represented by
1. Finance JEC Burkina Faso Mr. Clement Bilgo
2. Global Campaign JEC Togo Mr. Ako Augustin Agbodjan
3. Resources and Publication JEC Guinea Conakry Mr. Antonie Marie Grace
4. Extension and Promotion JEC Spain Mr. Eduardo Martin Ruan
5. Theology and Chaplaincy YCS/YSM India with support of YCS Lebanon Rev. Fr. Chetan Machado
6. Advocacy and Representation JEC Cote d’Ivoire Ms. Prisca Koffi

Composition, Roles and Functions:

  1. In order to help in developing the vision and work of the International life of the Movement the following International Commissions shall be established from the working groups of the World Council to carry out the work that the World Council, International Committee and International Team may entrust to them: i. Finance ii. Campaign iii. Resource and Publication iv. Extension and Promotion v. Theology and Chaplaincy vi. Advocacy and Representation.
  2. Each Commission will be composed of at least 1 National Movement (elected for 4 years at the World Council), 1 International Team member appointed by the International Team and an individual invitee by the Commission. The National Movement elected should appoint its representative for a minimum of two years.
  3. Each Commission will function through electronic communication, and must submit a report with recommendations to the International Committee each year.