International Advisory Board

IYCS International Advisory Team


The 16th IYCS World Council 2019 held in Abuja, Nigeria elected the following Members to the IYCS International Advisory Board for 2020 – 2023:

# Name Country
1. Mr. Habib Bou Nafey Lebanon/France
2. Mr. John Siddham Australia
3. Rev. Fr. Antoine Sondag France
4. Mr. Sanyeewa Liyange Switzerland/Sri Lanka
5. Ms. Agatha Mossane Sagne Senegal
6. Mr. Richard Francis Apeh Nigeria

Composition, Roles and Functions:

The International Advisory Board, with a mandate of 4 years, is made of 3 members of the immediate former International Team and at least 2 other prominent former members or friends of the International YCS. They are nominated by the International Team and are elected at the World Council. Their term can be renewed.

The functions of the International Advisory Board are:

  1. to ensure transmission of memory, to evaluate the work of the International Team and the International Commissions, and to offer other general advice;
  2. to offer suggestions to the International Committee for reflection;
  3. to assist the International Team in the process to replace an International Team member who has resigned or whose services have been terminated;
  4. to meet the International Team at least every second year and to be in regular communication with the International Secretariat.