#CovidUnder19 Initiative

The International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) together with other Child Rights Activists and people who work to promote children’s rights have launched #CovidUnder19, an initiative that aims to bring together children, child human rights activists, experts and other key stakeholders, including the private sector, to work together in understanding what children are experiencing due to Covid-19 and to involve children in responding to these issues. 

The main goal of #CovidUnder19 is to create spaces for children across the globe to be meaningfully involved in the discussions about responses to the COVID19 pandemic and contribute towards shaping the post-COVID19 world.

On Thursday, 28 May 2020, the #CovidUnder19 global survey, developed by Queen’s University Belfast (@ChildRightsQUBwith and for children was launched.

IYCS invites all Young Catholic Students and children who are 8-17 years old to fill out this NEW survey seeking to capture the experiences, views and opinions of children and young people around the world so they can inform how we should respond and shape their future.

Children aged 8-17 years can fill-out the Survey by clicking on this link http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidSurveys and choosing to complete the survey in any language of your choice. Or you could simply click on any of the links below:

ENGLISH: go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19 

FRENCH: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19FR

SPANISH: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19SP

ARABIC: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19AR

HINDI: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19HI

BENGALI: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19BE

HEBREW: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19HE

DUTCH: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19Du

ITALIANO: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19It

Please share as widely and you can!

You can also  join the #CovidUnder19 Initiative on:

Facebook: CovidUnder19

Twitter:  @CovidUnder19

Instagram: CovidUnder19

: #CovidUnder19 has three objectives:

  1. Collect and amplify children’s views and voices: with their input, gather children’s experience of Covid-19 through the development of a questionnaire to be disseminated globally and then analysed to help inform different stakeholders develop informed prevention and response interventions, policies, etc.
  2. Promote children’s awareness of their rights and ability to claim their rights: through the questionnaire, guide children’s reflection on their role as actors of positive change and as peer-to- peer resources.
  3. Empower children: create meaningful spaces for children to interact with other stakeholders in order to enable meaningful child participation in the creation of the post-COVID world.

For more information, please contact: