Webinar: 74th Anniversary and 6th IYCS World Day 2020


On Friday, 13th November 2020, IYCS will celebrate its 74th Anniversary and 6th IYCS World Day 2020 under the theme: “Promoting Global Solidarity and Taking Location Actions for a Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World”.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual celebration has been planned with a webinar to be held. All Young Catholic Students and Alumni are invited to join the celebrations via Zoom by registering on the link below:


The 74th Anniversary and 6th IYCS World Day Celebrations will also be streamed live on the IYCS Youtube Channel and Social Media Pages on the links below:

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/IYCSJEC/featured

Facebook Page: IYCS JECI – Accueil | Facebook

Instagram: IYCS-JECI (@iycsjeci) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: International Young Catholic Students (@iycsjeci) | Twitter


As we commemorate the 6th IYCS World Day 2020 and the 74th Anniversary of IYCS, we continue to celebrate the universality of our Movement, the Young Catholic Students, upholding our values and mission in the church and students milieu. We remain united in the spirit of global solidarity while taking local actions for positive change and social transformation in our communities.

In today’s rapidly changing world, children and young people’s lives are exposed to suffering and manipulation. IYCS therefore continues to offer a platform through which the needs of Young Catholic Students can be addressed, their voices can be amplified, and their engagement can be advanced. Through the efforts of our National Movements in 87 countries around the world, we educate and train students to work for solidarity, freedom, justice, peace and a sustainable world.

The celebration of the IYCS World Day instituted at our 2015 World Council to enhance the spirit of solidarity among our Movement is an annual event where YCS members come together to reflect, share experiences and commemorate the internationality of our Movement. It is a day to raise awareness in one voice on a global reality that is of concern to the world of young people no matter where they may be.

The IYCS World Day celebrated on 13th November coincides with IYCS Anniversary, the day when IYCS was founded. As such, the 6th IYCS World Day 2020 is also the celebration of the 74th Anniversary of IYCS.

Therefore, the Commemoration of the 6th IYCS World Day is a special occasion for IYCS as we launch the roadmap towards the celebration of the 75th IYCS Anniversary scheduled for 2021. It is also a special day to celebrate the birthday of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn whose works inspired the formation of the IYCS movement in the 1920’s. Thanks to this sacrificial effort, YCS today is a transformative agent in school reaching millions of young people all over the world.


The theme “Promoting Global Solidarity and Taking Local Actions for a Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World” is inspired by the current global crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is currently facing a global emergency of an unimaginable scale that knows no borders and is spreading human suffering, crippling the global economy, and upending people’s lives. Global Action, Solidarity, and Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation are crucial in defeating this vicious enemy – COVID-19. Therefore IYCS is committed to harnessing the potential of our young leaders to enable our Movement to systematically join the global war against the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring continuity of operations and service delivery, preparing for the recovery, and stemming the impact of COVID-19.

With just 10 years to go, the Decade of Action, an ambitious global effort is underway to deliver the 2030 promise – our shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet, and build a peaceful world. The theme of the 6th IYCS World Day, also addresses IYCS commitments to contribute to the realization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


  1. Webinar on the following sub-themes: (13th Nov 2020; 2-5 pm Paris time)
  • IYCS Milestones @74th Anniversary: Mr John Siddham, IYCS Alumni and Advisory Board Member.
  • The Power of Children and Young People to contribute to the COVID-19 response and influence the post COVID world: Ms Lucha Sotomayor, Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence against Children.
  • Promotion of Peace, Justice, and a Sustainable World: Ms Marie-Claude Machon Honoré, President, UNESCO NGO Liaison Committee.
  • Membership Growth and Sustainability in the Changing World: Professor Vincent Bagire, IYCS Alumni
  • Meaningful Engagement of Faith-based Youth Organizations: Mr Aashish Khullar, Board Member, Children and Youth International, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth UNMGCY.

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