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Faith-based Organisations have played a crucial role in communities around the world on critical issues of global peace, security and development. Since its resolution in 2008 on the “promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace”, the UN General Assembly and United Nations have increased their recognition and work with Faith-Based Organisations acknowledging the power of faith leaders and entities to shape our world for good, leveraging their networks and harnessing their convening power and communication capacities to influence people’s values, attitudes, behaviours and actions. Faith-based organisations have also been recognised as ‘constituencies’ in different UN processes. LEARN MORE

What is the Global Caucus for Youth in Faith (GCYF)?

It is the engagement Mechanism in the UN for youth led faith based organisations.

It draws on provisions in several UN resolutions and documents, primarily Agenda 21Johannesburg Plan of ImplementationUNGA Resolution 66/288UNGA Resolution 66/288 (Rio+20 Outcome – The Future We Want), UNGA Resolution 67/290 (High Level Political Forum), UNGA Resolution 70/1 (Agenda 2030) and the intergovernmental agreed political declaration of the 2019 HLPF- A/HLPF/2019/L.1.

Where will/does the Global Caucus for Youth in Faith Engage?

Mechanisms, processes and initiatives to recognise and unlock the potential of faith-based actors have been established, most notably; the Charter for Faith-Based Humanitarian Action (World Humanitarian Summit 2016), Interfaith Network for Population and Development (UNFPA)Faith for Earth Initiative (UNEP)United Nations Interagency Task Force on Religion and Sustainable Development (IATF-FBOs) and the Global Multi-Religious Faith-in-Action Covid-19 Initiative (UNICEF).

It is therefore pertinent and very important that these mechanisms, processes and initiatives are matched in the established children and youth engagement mechanisms within the UN Major Group for Children and Youth and the United Nations system.

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