IYCS 2018 Global Training Session; “Educating Today and Tomorrow; Students Building a Safe Learning Environment”

IYCS Global Training Session and International Committee, Rome, Italy September, 2018

“Educating Today and Tomorrow; Students Building a Safe Learning Environment”

(Quality Education: A Safe Environment for the Students’ Holistic Growth)



Education is an ever widening horizon to the future; for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. “The goal of education is bring out the best in the students” hence, education remain of the effective instruments that can create platform for the students to explore into the world of wisdom and knowledge thus shaping their minds lives to chase their current dreams to build a promising future.

Education not simply prepares the soil but prepares the seeds to be effective and productive. If you are passionate about a promising future and willing to commit yourself to create a more just, peaceful, humane and sustainable world for yourself and the generations to come, why not you grab this opportunity where a learning environment is created to shape the leaders of tomorrow who can transform the society and create a ripple effect as problem-solvers.

Therefore, hurry to avail yourself this great opportunity to be part of this mission of ground breaking initiative, launched to shape and form change makers around the world at the IYCS Global Training Session and International Committee meeting scheduled to be hold in Rome, Italy 14 – 25 September, 2018.

The Session

During this session, participants will engage in series of facilitated discussion sessions and structured dialogue with stakeholders and actors in education towards attaining the goal of education as human right of all. Participants will also work in group to develop tools and resources that they can use in the thematic interaction with peers, academicians, policy makers, religious leaders, Civil Society Organizations etc.

The Training session (15th-21st September) is open to YCS members, animators/chaplains, young people (age 18 – 29) as well as members of other international youth organizations that share the dream of a better world and are willing to engage with other like-minded individuals in achieving this goals, while the International Committee Meeting (22nd – 24th September) is open to IYCS International Committee Members and the representative of the International Commissions only.

Application and Selection Process

Application is open until 31st May, 2018 and those selected will receive a confirmation by 5th June along with personal invitation letter to begin their travel arrangement.

The selections will be done taking into account regional and gender balances. Particular attention will also be given to the applicant’s demonstration of their willingness to engage beyond the training session. A letter of Recommendation from your Organization or Country Movement is compulsory.

Travel and Accommodation

The IYCS will cover the cost of accommodation, feeding and local transport within Rome, Italy for all participants throughout the period of the training. Participants or their local organization/movement will bear the cost of travel to and from their respective countries to Rome, Italy.

Depending on the availability of resources, we will offer up to 50% of Scholarship for student Applicants who show considerate capacity to implement the outcome of training session.

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For more information, we write us at mail@iycs-jeci.org or visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IYCSJECI/

Best regards

Richard Francis, APEH

IYCS Secretary General  

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