Final Declaration of IYCS 2017 Global Training Session

International Young Catholic Students (IYCS)

4th Global Campaign Gathering and International Committee

 Amman, Jordan – 5th-13th October 2017


We Leaders and Chaplains of IYCS from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & Middle East, gathered at Our Lady of Peace Center – Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from 05th to 13th October 2017 for the Global Campaign Training Session and International Committee under the theme “Protecting our common Home; Students building a peaceful tomorrow, today”.

The overall goal of the session was to educate IYCS (students and animators) on integral ecology through peace building, conflict transformation, and environmental protection by 2019. The IYCS is a catholic action movement with the primary aim of transforming the society in the light of the Gospel by restoring the human value and well-being through the students’ milieu.

We are aware of the negative consequences of human actions and development on the environment such as environmental degradation, increase in the scale and frequency of natural disasters, competition for natural resources, suffering among the poor and vulnerable.

We acknowledge that these challenges threaten the peaceful co-existence and integral development of the human person and other creatures. Hence we heed the call of the Holy Father Pope Francis in his Encyclical; Laudato Si’ especially for a new dialogue on the way we are building of the planet: “We need a conversation that unites us all, because the environmental challenge we are facing, and its roots causes concern and touches all of us” (Laudato Si 14). Moreover, we are convinced of the role of the church in the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

After days of reflection and praying on the above issues, we commit to:

  • build a better world for young people based on our global campaign that focuses on access to holistic quality education, care for the environment and peace building using available tools such as review of life, Pycho-Social Conflict Analysis (PSCA) Tool student version, and other relevant tools.
  • As leaders within our respective movements, we want to implement concrete actions to raise awareness among our fellow citizens on the issues mentioned: cleaning operations, tree planting, classroom interventions, etc.
  • Create safe spaces for interfaith and intercultural dialogue on integral ecology especially for young people everywhere, in physical or virtual spaces using various forms of educational methodology and tools
  • Promote global solidarity towards the accomplishment of these commitments

We urge:

  • Movements, associations and Civil Society Organizations to:
  • Participate in different actions of environment protection through sensitization at all social levels;
  • Promote Eco-citizenship in their living environment;
  • Encourage government to adopt and implement international ecological laws and policies especially the COP21Paris agreement.
  • Political, administrative and customary authorities to:
  • Grant equal access to quality and holistic education for all
  • Effectively implement the SDGs in its totality
  • Religious Communities to:
  • Create platforms for Religious Dialogue and support initiatives related to the Protection of our Common Home.
  • Corporate Companies to:
  • Adopt sustainable production mechanisms and support initiatives towards the environment protection.

 We call upon all people to continue to act in the protection of the environment and the building of sustainable peace.

We would like to finally thank all our partners for making this session successful.      

 Done in Amman, 10th October 2017

The participants


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