IYCS Intervention at the Social & Human Science (SHS) Commission of UNESCO

IYCS Statement at the SHS Commission during the 39th General Conference of UNESCO

I will be speaking for the International Young Catholic Students and the UNESCO-NGO Liaison Committee.

We commend effort of UNESCO to step up its engagement with young people who are piloting different initiatives and we support the many sound recommendations made by the UNESCO Youth Forum.

While this is great, we witness the side-lining of most youth organizations who are currently engaged with UNESCO through consultative status. While these organizations contribute in great way to UNESCO’s works, most of them were not considered engaged enough in the selection process of this year’s youth forum.

We know the NGOs who are already engaged with UNESCO have a lot to do in implementing and sustaining the tremendous fruits of the youth forum and should be taking into account.

On Other hand , the UNESCO Youth Strategy, do underline the importance of engaging and cooperating with the UNESCO-NGO Liaison Committee in the implementation of the Youth programme of which the Youth Forum is part of, we feel, this was not fully taking into account during this year’s youth forum.

Finally, by way of evaluation, We would like to see as well, feedback on how the youth forum recommendations are being implemented within the policy development of the different members states, this why we happily welcome the proposal of the distinguished delegates of the Netherlands to hold the youth forum one year before the General Conference of UNESCO

Thank you for your attention

Mahault Dubrule and Richard APEH IYCS Representative at the 39th General Conference of UNESCO



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