On the Occasion of the 3rd World Day of Prayer for Creation

On the occasion of the third World Day of Prayer for Creation: Pope Francis published a joint message with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew inviting everybody to assume a respectful attitude and to listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor who suffer the most from ecological imbalances.

According to Pope Francis, “The annual World Day of prayer for the Care of Creation offers to individual believers and to the community a precious opportunity to renew our personal participation in this vocation as custodians of creation, raising to God our thanks for the marvelous works that He has entrusted to our care, invoking his help for the protection of creation and his mercy for the sins committed against the world in which we live.”

You can read the full letter in English, Français and Espagnol

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    We can’t cross the arms and just do nothing while people are getting sick and dying especially when we know there is another way to resolve the environmental effects. To many people the past that we know is less scary than the future we don’t know. Improving global environmental health often begins when people notice that a health problem is affecting not just one person or a group, but is a problem for the whole community. When a problem is shared, people are more likely to work together to bring about change.

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