Libya Meza Flores

My name is Libya Meza Flores and I am from Peru. I studied Pharmacy and Biochemistry and I’m currently the Secretary of JECI MIEC (IYCS-IMCS) Latin American Regional Secretariat. I met the National Union of Catholic Students (Unión Nacional de Estudiantes Católicos ) – UNEC Peru, in 2009, when I was halfway in my university career, and I decided to be part of this Movement because I felt comfortable with this way of living the faith, in a more humane way, more committed with society and with a special option for the poor. I discovered that being with a community and practising the review of the facts of life made that I could live and reflect on my faith and the different dimensions of my life according to the life of Jesus. In 2010 I was elected as the President of Arequipa city group, a responsibility that I accepted with much hope and through which I learned the meaning of “the first one will be the last one, in order to put oneself at the service of the other”. I’ve learned so much during these 2 years. In 2013, upon the request of the Latin American Secretariat, I represented IYCS & IMCS in the «Latin American & Caribbean Pre Assembly of the second Youth World Assembly of Religions for Peace”. The same year, I was elected as a national leader with the responsibility of the southern region of UNEC and I was in the National Committee. This year of service was full of challenges but also full of learning as I accompanied the students from all the country and with a special attention to the southern region. During the Latin American Committee, in 2014, I received the task of accompanying the national movements of Latin America after having been elected as the IYCS-IMCS Latin American Secretary for 2014-2017 mandate. This experience was an opportunity to learn even more about the Movements and their different realities in Latin America but also in the world, since I’ve been part of meetings as enriching as the Ivory Coast International Committee and the World Assembly in the Philippines, where I learned and appreciated the different forms of living the faith, and this convinced me that there are indeed many people who devote their lives to transform this world into one more just and humane world. Apart from my responsibilities in the movement, I am a professional in Pharmacy and Biochemistry and my task is to ensure the quality of medicines for the population, and pharmaceutical care and this gives me the opportunity to be in contact with many people and to be able to give advice about the correct use of medicines. I am also part of the “Yachaq Warmi” project that aims to make visible the participation of women in scientific activity and puts the light on the ancestral knowledge in science, promoting the use of indigenous languages.